Focused consultation with key stakeholders regarding climate change mitigation in order to strengthen:

  • Principles
  • The South African Climate Change Response Strategy

Policy Approaches and Actions:

  • Key Mitigation Sector: Energy
  • Key Mitigation Sector: Industry
  • Key Mitigation Sector: Transport
  • Human Society, Livelihoods and Services



9h30 Registration and Refreshments

10h00 Welcome and Introductions - DEA

10h15 Presentation: Mitigation issues emerging from the public consultation process - Linkd

10h30 Presentation: The FRIDGE study - Brent Cloete 

11h00 Tea

11h15 Discussion: Carbon Tax - Konstantin Makrelov, National Treasury 

12h45 Presentation: Synthesis Report and Orientation of Discussion - Andrew Marquard, ERC 

13h00 Lunch/small group discussions (4 small groups in terms of mechanisms)

14h30 Small group report backs and discussion

15h00 Closure - Linkd


File: Record of Proceedings