Human Resources and Technology


The purpose of this workshop is to conduct a focused consultation on the Green Paper on the National Climate Change Response with key stakeholders in terms of the human and technological resourcing of the national climate change response. The consultation will particularly inform the redrafting of Chapter 8 of the Green Paper which deals with the new types of education, technologies, skills, knowledge and expertise that will be required for a robust national response to climate change.


9h30 Registration and Refreshments 

10h00 Welcome and Introductions - DEA

10h15 Presentation: HR & Tech issues emerging from the public consultation process - Linkd

10h30 ILO presentation on“Skills for Green Jobs in South Africa” (no slides)

11h00 Tea

11h15 Presentation: Environmental Sector Skills Plan - DEA 

12h00 Presentation: Environmental research and technologies in South Africa - University of Pretoria

12h40 Lunch

13h40 Facilitated discussions

15h00 Plenary discussions 

16h00 Closure


File: Record of Proceedings