Information and Communication technology


One of the key information challenges is to get required information to interested and affected people as quickly as possible and to ensure that the information is provided in a format that is accessible and useful to the target audience. This is especially important in respect of early warning systems where people need to take specific actions to reduce risks to themselves, their families and property. In order to meet this challenge, South Africa will –

  1. Ensure that all information systems referred to above implement effective communication strategies that ensure that information reaches the target audience efficiently and effectively.

  2. Explore and develop new and novel ways of communicating information, especially the communication of information to people who have no access to telephonic or other forms of electronic communication. In this regard, the use of radio and also of community networks, such as messages disseminated through schools, hospitals, churches etc should also be explored.


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its a good idea to bring technology to people but the thing is that there are no people to them how to use it for example rural area school.