7.4 Provincial and Local Government cooperation


Climate Change impacts on all levels of Government, and a vertical cooperation mechanism is required to ensure enhanced government coordination and policy alignment. The Ministerial political (MINMEC) and technical (MINTECH) structures as set up through the Intergovernmental Relations Act (IGR) facilitate a high level of policy and strategy coherence between the three spheres of government, and should be used to guide Climate Change work across the 3 spheres. Several technical working groups meet regularly to discuss and advise on issues of biodiversity and heritage, impact management, pollution and waste management, and planning and reporting and a working group that deals with cross-cutting issues (i.e. Working Group 3) would coordinate climate change response. These working groups feed into the MINTECH and ultimately to MINMEC.

South African Local Government Association (SALGA) as a body mandated to support, represent and advise local government action will continue to actively participate in the inter-governmental system and ensure the integration of climate adaptation and mitigation actions into Integrated Development Plans as well as massively up-scaled public education, awareness, media and information on climate change.