general industry apppraches

In addition to the responses outlined we feel that industry can play a huge role in leading on energy efficiency measures in the entire life cycle of products and services from production to retail and including transport. Emissions reduction strategies should also be enforced with additional taxing where required. Again these are very cross cutting issues and so energy reductions should be focused on not only under industry but also in transport and in the built environment – where energy efficiency and low carbon technologies and use of low carbon goods should be applied where possible. Carbon reduction practices within all industry and business as well as public sector should also be implemented by staff/consumers such as use of public transport, cycling/walking to work; recycling etc. The tourism industry can also play an important role in advocating for visitors to support hotels and transport and tour companies that are committed to low carbon use and green technology. Examples include grey water systems, hybrid vehicles, reducing daily cleaning of towels in hotels to reduce water and electricity use, not supplying bottled water, supporting meat free days, energy efficient light bulb use etc